Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm going to be 32 next month. Short skirts are definitely out and I find myself more frustrated at jeans that show not just muffin-top, but crack. Really... who decided that otherwise fine fitting jeans should exhibit crack on grown women? Didn't we abandon these styles 1,000 britney headlines ago? I no longer buy clothes in the junior's department and I've ponied up plenty for designer jeans; you would think this would absolve me from the curse of crack. I have a pair of Sevens (in my opinion the worst for crack, but most flattering for everything below the button), Joe's jeans (runner-up for exposure but otherwise good fit), Salt (perfectly fine, aside from the bad flared tailoring on the hem, courtesy of an ebay seller), and Paige Denim. My Paige is the best and probably the most expensive at around $180 (incidentally, these are the only ones I paid retail for). The only trouble is that I have 3 pounds of weight flux that make regular wearing of the paige wide leg somewhat unpredictable when I'm retaining. I don't remember having these troubles when I was 22. 

Failed my dosha adjustment...

So I was all hyped up on this dosha business but after I made stewed prunes it went downhill. I'm the kind of girl who calls prunes "dried plums" because it sounds so much more pleasant. Perhaps prunes a' la stewed made me recall a special order I used to make by the dozen long ago when I worked at Charlestown Retirement Community (back when minimum wage was $3.35 an hour and I clocked in at 3:38 to serve DINNER!). Said special order consisted of the following, either: stewed prunes with gooey light brown sauce (read: their own juices) spread next to cottage cheese OR bright red beets aside a healthy portion of cottage cheese. You can just imagine the medley of colors intertwined can't you?! Don't get me wrong, I am one of the few that actually likes beets and dried plums/prunes, but at the time it was just gross.

I gave the dosha adjustment my all. For two weeks I really did! I ate the pills (7-10, 3xs daily), I weaned myself off of dairy and almost everything else but in the end it just wasn't convenient and it wasn't cheap! The first installment of herbal supplements was approximately $136 USD. And at about 17 days I was nearly through my entire stock. Times two and I'm looking at over $250 for the month (plus practitioner visits, acupuncture and constant grocery visits). It's not cheap to be healthy. It all came to a close this weekend when Mira had her first birthday party. I've had so much cake that I have surely undone all the goodness that I had done.

So here I am again.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Book Report: In Pursuit of the English

I forgot all about Doris Lessing for the last ten years. The last book I read was Memoirs of a Survivor. Before that, the Golden Notebook which I loved.

In Pursuit of the English combines my favorite topics: Africa! and London. Hooray. Can't believe I waited so long to hear about this Pulitzer award winning book. Set just a few years after WWII in a bombed out neighborhood in London a young, single mother finds her self in a boarding house full of characters. With descriptions so rich that you can clearly picture the halls she walked, the rooms which she lived you find yourself immersed in her life, making 7 pounds a week. Her BFF Rose, whom she met at a local shop and inquired whether she didn't suppose she knew someplace where she could live, operates as her guide into the nonsense. 

Doris' character plays more unwitting and pliable than you know she is. She allows her new friends the extravagance of thinking they are helpful to her, and that she would be lost without them. All the while they are giving her the resources to write the story of her life. What a delightful story!

Number One

Mira is one. It does go by fast, like they say. All I can think of is that we're 1/18th into this with her and then she'll be leaving home. Sure, after college she'll do her laundry, ask us for money and to pay her car insurance and school loans. She might occasionally come home for dinner if she lives nearby... but we don't have much time left! And next year we'll be 1/9th of the way there. So saddening because she's so much fun.
More than this, I worry about what kind of world we're leaving her. I think about having more kids just so she won't have to go through what might happen alone. I watched the movie Children of Men at some point after her birth and got my head caught back up in ideas about the end of the world. E doesn't think about these things - I asked. And I worry that she won't have potable drinking water (a la Waterworld or some other horrible movie). I worry about all the plastic we send to the landfills and wonder if that's where someone thought up the idea for the Jetson's. Are we really going to have to move into the atmosphere? When you look at how much rubbish we, and our neighbors produce on a weekly basis, consider the amount of garbage a restaurant puts out nightly, and think about where all this goes it becomes quite terrifying - to me, at least. On NPR's Science Friday program I heard that 80% of the world's water is used for agriculture and a large portion just for watering lawns. Cutting down our animal product consumption would be as beneficial to the enviro as driving a Prius.
Not really where I meant to go with this post but my goodness, I have a daughter and she's only one.

Monday, March 10, 2008

More trouble at the gymboree...

Mira fell off the gymboree equipment. And what a scream it was! I was trying to coax her through a tunnel and in the time it took for me to come out from the other end of it she had tipped off the 1 foot high riser. I'm sure this kind of thing happens all the time but it was quite horrifying to have a public "accident."
Usually, we can tell when Mira is tired because she starts bonking her head on things and tipping over, like a cow in the night. I've been concerned about her wayward behavior more and more having just read a story about a family whose twins were taken away from them after one daughter had bonked her head while the mother was changing the diaper of the other daughter.
Is this really the best way to handle these situations? Taking the children away, putting them in foster care, and charging parents with criminal offenses? Has no one watched a baby lately? Unless you put the child in a room made of flubber (probably someone's version of child abuse anyway) you're going to get some head bonks and wipe some tears away pretty much as soon as they start crawling.

It's not me, it's my dosha...

I went to an Ayurvedic practitioner last week for my frequent sinus infections. I was advised that I'm Vata with a slight Pitta and bigger Kapha imbalance. While I listened to some of the signs of a Kapha imbalance it began to make sense! I have so many issues that could be related to this. To correct the Kapha imbalance I should cut out dairy, nuts and bananas among other things. The news was very shocking to me since those three things are most of what I eat in a day - all starting with my banana nut smoothie! Basically nearly everything I eat has been bad for me and probably contributing to my health problems. I began making the switch last week so it's early to say if anything has changed just yet, not sure how long it will take. I think the biggest hurdle has been snacking - there isn't a lot of food just hanging around for grazing that I can eat while trying to correct the Kapha aggravation. Later I plan to make a few recipes like cranberries and a curry to have on hand. There's only so much warm rice milk with ginger that a girl can take!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wish I was In Treatment

I've been watching the HBO series In Treatment lately. The programme centers around a therapist played perfectly by Gabriel Byrne and his 5 most compelling patients during their visits throughout the week. The fifth episode of the week ends on Friday nights when Paul visits his own retired therapist (Dianne Wiest) to sort through impact the sessions have had on his life and own marriage.

I just reached the first episode of week 5, where Laura and Paul come to the end of their sessions because Laura has declared her love for her therapist and he feels they can no longer ethically continue because he is also attracted to her and can't bear the weight any longer. An impossible sadness closes the episode as the two embrace, perhaps for the first and last time before she walks out the door.

Tuesday is a manipulative, grating, doomed and highly reactive pilot who challenges Paul's observations and provokes reactions from him. Wednesday is a young gymnast named Sophie, she may have tried to commit suicide by throwing herself into a collision with an automobile. Thursday brings a volatile couple working their way through infertility, pregnancy, and lies (if you're wondering where Josh Charles has been you can find him on this day). Occasionally little snippets of Paul's own life make it into the room while his own marriage buckles.

Highly addictive and very difficult to watch, even the most frustrating visits shine light on the darkest of feelings. I can't stop watching. Something about it makes me wish that I was in therapy. Know any therapists like Byrne?

Curious? You Tube will let you watch a few episodes for free.

Fourtune, Telling

Today I popped open a leftover fortune cookie hoping to find some infinite wisdom along with satisfaction for my sweet tooth. There was nothing inside. How disappointing is that? I was hoping for something like: "You are going to have new clothes." or even "Help! I'm trapped inside a fortune cookie factory!"
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