Wednesday, June 25, 2008

pregnant man... this one is for you JTH

UPDATE: See Thomas as Tracy below... There are only a few things that I find truly outrageous. Sure, things upset me and I am mock-horrified by human behaviour and bad decisions made by friends and neighbors. But once I saw the promotion for the Oprah show a few months ago about a pregnant man I just about lost it. The issue for me is not the transgendered position this (wo)man is in. No, I care not that she was a woman who became a man, that is after all his/her option. My issue is the publicity. The news and print coverage was marketed as though this person was actually a natural man, with actual man parts that all the sudden became pregnant with the holy child. Please don't waste my time with the promos and the hype. This is a woman (XX, remember - that part doesn't change) that takes hormone therapy to have facial hair. She did not have the surgery to remove her female parts so it is just not unusual that she would become pregnant when she impregnated herself.

Isn't there just something terribly alarming about the weedwacker and george michael look?
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