Friday, August 29, 2008

happy happy all the time

I'm trying to be a happier, more pleasant person. It's difficult when I'm so easily annoyed by the little things that probably don't bother actual happy people quite so much. Recently we picked up one of the cars from service. Usually part of the service is that the car will be cleaned out; however, this was not part of our service, just a courtesy vacuum for us. I guess they assume that if you have a car seat you want to keep the sticky white substances adhered to the door and the seats, perhaps they presume that it's all part of the latch system; safety first, you know. This and the smudgy windows is quite enough to upset me for 20 minutes, sometimes longer depending on the length of the car ride home and how close the dirt is to me.

I also get upset when my clothes fall off the hangers... when the mail piles up higher than eight inches in a week and i just went through it the weekend before... when I get more than four credit card offers from the same company in only a couple of days and have opted out(!)... I get annoyed when the baby puts couscous in the dog's fur... when my shoes start to smell... when I'm running seven minutes late again...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Face Time

So it's going to cost approximately $124 to save my face after I use my free sample of something called Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, which according to Nordstrom's website promises to: "reduce the depth of wrinkles by 19% and increase hydration and moisture levels by 10%, this powerful anti-aging cream provides a progressive lifting effect through increased collagen support. The dynamic combination of the marine algae padina pavonica and absolutes, gingko biloba and liposomes delivers visible results within fifteen days."

In the meantime I have contented myself with the $65 Maximum Replenish Night Cream which has less aggressive promises, though perhaps more realistic (I can't help but think of them as Obama and Hillary, respectively):
"This calming night cream with adaptive technology adjusts to the skin's individual needs. Formulated with unique desert plant extracts that adapt to your skin's needs, providing targeted replenishment and supporting the cells' natural regeneration process."

Not that anyone cares but I've been attempting to phase out all of my chemical-based products and trying to purchase products that aren't made with chemicals that Europe outlawed years ago but that our country still allows. I came across this site which allows you to type in a brand and see where it ranks in terms of the harm it causes. Elemis ranked as a 2 (low hazard), but it wasn't clear which products were ranked. Aveda products ranked moderately as a 4 mostly, this provided disappointment since I thought I was safe here. Kiehls sunscreen moisturizer, my other favorite also scored a moderate hazard ranking with a 5. Yikes! Even when you think you're safe, you're just not quite safe enough. So I guess it's time to go back to oatmeal facials, but who knows what Quaker does with those oats.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Cricket and the Arugula

Yesterday there was a freaking cricket in my arugula salad. Don't you know that I had eaten half before I noticed?

Monday, August 11, 2008

getting better all the time

Lately I've noticed a difference in my skin. No longer the smooth porcelain finish I used to hear talk of at the cosmetic counter, I am starting to see the signs of age: a little loss of elasticity, some slight lines developing around the eye area, and maybe a rather large line on my neck. I spoke with Shelley about it yesterday and she seems to embrace the changes while I am wondering just how much I should spend on magic face cream: $15, 25, 55, 95 or more? This is my face after all and skin is something that cannot be altered completely. I'm not suggesting that I'm already planning plastic surgery or botox, just that it's sad that downhill starts when you still think of yourself as young. For example, I'm not yet middle aged and I'm showing the signs of age. It's sad. It is. When you're young you have no capacity to appreciate what could possibly happen to your sweet little face as the years tick past. And you don't need to embrace the changes, you just need to acknowledge that the body is no longer pristine and is ultimately giving up on you around 28-30 depending on how much you smoke or drink. Knowing that at least allows you to know your enemies: time, nature and those ambitious free radicals that I scoffed at in the nineties. And while I may eventually come to have affection for my crows feet and laugh lines, for now I prefer that they stay classified as fine lines and treat them to the occasional dose of peptides and perricone facial serums.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ever listen to something that makes you remember someone even if you never listened to it with them? I have that with the copywriter. A long time go, in a lifetime far away the copywriter and I went Christmas and Hanukkah shopping together after work. He had just moved to Baltimore from NYC, temporarily without his wife and new baby while the details got worked out. While he waited, the copywriter and I visited lots of malls and became fast friends.
On one of these trips, maybe even the first one, the copywriter was driving and playing Ben Folds Five - Brick. In response to the lyrics he told me that he never really knew what being alone was till he became separated from his wife and son. And while the song is actually about an abortion his insight resonated with me.
Another thing he said was that he loved the Counting Crows but knew that in many ways it made him a thirty-something yuppie, which he had particular reservations about as he had left a co-op in the city for a colonial house in the 'burbs. At the time I didn't like the Counting Crows (maybe just a song or two, nothing I would admit to openly). I was only 22 so there was no need, no understanding, no grave nostalgia for anything but a boyfriend or two, being in college and not having to work. These days I love the Counting Crows. Especially when I run. Sometimes I burst into song running down hills, breathlessly out of tune. The sweet nostalgia of a lifetime long ago.
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