Sunday, September 28, 2008

Zee and her cousin Jesse

So tired... but in the middle of watching Brad Pitt be a bad boy in the assassination of jesse james. Though I typically love westerns (especially the over-produced modern versions, and sadly just about anything since kiefer sutherland in young guns)... I find this one to be a little dry. Maybe it's just because my eyes are having a hard time staying open. Maybe it's the cast. Maybe the plot. I do like the narration though. It's delivered in a similar manner as "little children" or "the royal tenenbaums." While watching I have developed a fondness for Sam Rockwell who was also in "the green mile," I have to say that his performance in that movie made me uncomfortable. He has a perfect bit of crazy in his eye.

There's one amazing shot near the end... Jesse is on ice, strapped to a board, a large format camera pointed at him; but the beauty is in the angle. It's directed at the camera and you see in the lens Jesse and the crowd of people fading to black behind him. And if I'm not mistaken Nick Cave sings a little ditty just after that.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh Sarah...

Stumbled across this fantastic blog in the NYtimes today called Domestic Disturbances by Judith Warner. Most of the recent posts are about Palin. It was the post entitled, "Poor Sarah" that made me click here. I thought for a moment that I could be open to the fact that maybe I should see another side (of her, of Republicans); however, after reading more about her and the opinions that followed, I am more sure than ever that I may not be hard enough on her. The last paragraph of the post sums it up perfectly, "Frankly, I’ve come to think, post-Kissinger, post-Katie-Couric, that Palin’s nomination isn’t just an insult to the women (and men) of America. It’s an act of cruelty toward her as well." It is cruel not only to her, but to the citizens of our country who may be subjected to a fate worse than Cheney (see here and here). Is ignorance worse than unbridled power?

It is scary to me, that articles like the one I posted a couple blogs ago detailing how some parents with special needs feel they have an ambassador in Palin. How can they feel this way when she is someone who opposes stem cell research (McCain doesn't)? How can they trust someone that would take away another person's right to chose to abort their own child with Down Syndrome? What scares me most is how she is not alone, so much of the country agrees with her. So I am going to try to understand better, starting with this read, What Makes People Vote Republican.

I feel like I have to understand... watching the debate last night I didn't think that Obama did better than McCain. I saw a Republican do what Republicans are very good at: making Democrats seem whiny and defensive in the shadow of pontificating self-righteousness. Every election I think to myself that Democrats have to do better next time - that we have to fix the political strategies that are causing us to lose the support of many Americans. And earlier this week when McCain called for the debate to be put on hold while the two Senators went back to their jobs to work out our financial crisis, I agreed. I thought yes, that is your job... go back to Congress, meet, decide and do something about this. I didn't agree with the statements that said McCain should be able to do more than one thing at once. It's not about that... it's about doing what is right and doing what is your job RIGHT NOW.

It should be noted that McCain didn't actually go back to Washington; instead, he found some time to work the talk show circuit.

Monday, September 22, 2008

teeny, tiny birdcage in silver

So this is my first project from the art jewelry class I'm taking at MICA. I finished it yesterday and only broke two saw blades! My first attempts snapped three in an hour. So it was very good progress. I've shined it all up and only have to do a jump hoop through the tiny triangle shape on the top and it's ready for wearing. First critique since college is tomorrow.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Stalin with Palin

I really hate to get political out here in the open, since I'm so judgemental it's better if I just stick to settee and make-up comments so I don't hurt any one's feelings... but I've been seriously considering dual citizenship ever since I realized that Palin is actually going to improve McCain's chance of getting into office and filling in those big shoes that know just where to walk in order to ruin what is left of this country.
Worse still - on the facebook I realized just how many people I ACTUALLY KNOW are real-live Republicans (one even went to the convention). Shocking. It's better that I don't know what people are in the voting booth... it's a good etiquette practice, don't discuss money, religion or politics.

read any of these and get back to me:
Palin and McCain’s Shotgun Marriage
The Scrutiny of Sarah Palin
Parents of Special-Needs Children Divided Over Palin’s Promise to Help
Palin On Abortion: I'd Oppose Even If My Own Daughter Was Raped


Lovelovelove the settee from Ochre. What you can't see here is how the upholstery is generally a mix of silk with velvet from the same tonal range. The effect is ravishing. Can't remember how I found out but even a small chair is priced in the low to mid thousands. I've visited the store in SoHo and besides the dreamy furniture they have many neat artisan pieces that got my synapses firing. Actually, Ochre is how I first saw Miranda Meilleur. She had a case full of spoons and I took a blurry photo googling all the letter I could make out from my romanticized photograph till I found her.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Mira likes the ting tings.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday

visit with trainer who has same name as me... sore for three days.
first art class since college (jewelry design at mica)! broke three saw blades in 15 minutes. so excited to learn new tricks and fantasizing about being a famous jeweler! inspired by Miranda Meilleur when I went to nyc last month. hoping to make baby spoons and little bracelets.
severely publicly embarrassed when i took baby to barnes and noble. was one of those parents that let kid toss books all over the place while i tried to find a book on "how to get your kid to sleep without drugs." left empty-handed because books were alpha by author.
first eyebrow wax today. brows never looked better.
took three pairs of shoes to the kings cobbler. ready next wednesday.
worried and scared of republicans.
thinking about moving out of the country. can canada get warmer soon? if not, maybe i can get dual citizenship to the motherland.
dog barks too much. is de-barking inhumane?
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