Friday, October 31, 2008

typical of a modern cuckoo

I was thinking someone might be curious about what I've been making in Jewelry Class, so here you are. Project Deux: Complete. Cuckoo Clock with Detachable Brooches. The project was to design a brooch inspired by an architectural opening working with layers and textures. I'm so f'd up that I decided I had no interest in a wearable brooch so I would make a wall brooch with two brooches. See double, nearly triple the work. Smart, right? And the cuckoo does not appear from a door (typical of a modern cuckoo), but reflects in the window so I have hit most, if not all of the requirements at this juncture.  

Pieces were constructed as follows:
  • Blackened Brass (five by six inch) base and clock hands
  • Roll Printed, Pierced Copper with Fumed Patina cuckoo
  • Hand-sanded Nickel Silver branch
  • Polished Nickel Silver three
  • Acid-etched, Roll-Printed truck
  • Chased Nickel Silver dog.

The Synthetic Pumpkin Lives On

So Halloween is scary for several reasons. Kristin dressed as Sarah Palin, Eric wanted to watch a horror movie, I discovered that I have a shopping problem, and I learned that two of my dear neighbors are voting elephant. One of them even cited family values as a reason. I won't trivialize this with my rebuttal because what I really want to talk about is trick-or-treating!

I bought a pumpkin costume for the dog. For the dog! It was on sale at Target and I just had to, I repeat... I HAD TO. She's sort of large around the middle so even though she seems like a medium dog, she's actually large. So the pumpkin top was too big but she wore it for two hours. When I finally took it off, she seemed cozy around the middle. I bet she liked it.

So at 6:30 sharp Eric, Mira, Sophie and I high-tailed it to the front stoop to meet the other neighborhood kids and parents for trick-or-treating. Out of four girls I would say that three where some sort of princess (including Mira and her haphazard "costume"). The youngest is only six months and he rode stroller style as a baby Nemo. Cute cute. We started on our boring cul-de-sac which barely displayed an illuminated pumpkin. Our lone decoration is a puffy nylon pumpkin that in years past has been beaten by at least one of the princesses out tonight. The synthetic pumpkin lives on. We went to the second cul-de-sac. Boring. Then the third... I started to remember Halloween's when I was ten in Laurel. We lived in a townhouse community and some of the houses actually offered tricks instead of treats. There was an option. Some of the houses were so scary that I remember not being able to say anything. Just standing there, staring wondering what kind of rancid things things were happening in there. The girls did that tonight. There were two or three houses that they were too afraid to go up to. Now this is suburbia, this is a neighborhood so blase that you can go to sleep with your garage doors open and the worst thing that happens is that a cricket hops in and scares you two weeks later when you're taking out the garbage. I couldn't believe how scary some of these boring old splits and colonials turned out to be. It occurred to me that for kids, it must be a real bummer to have to go to the houses like ours, with a stupid stuffed pumpkin sitting on the porch (or wandering on four legs) when you could go to houses that stop you in your tracks. Houses with flickering lights, fog rising from the foam cemetery, a scary body prostrate in a chair with it's eyes glowing red while the kids poke it saying, "its not real" and then it moves.

Finally, we grew tired of carrying Mira and her Elmo candy basket containing three candies and two lollipops. We wandered home vowing to each other that we will do better next year. We will decorate. Once home, no trick-or-treaters came and the ones thad had come while we were out did not take the entire bowl of candy as local lore dictates they do. No, this is Kings Contrivance where all of the children can be trusted. By eight we turned out the lights and put on our faded old pj's, ate popcorn and watched Nick Cage hunt for treasure (2).

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Today my Grandfather died. He had a massive stroke on Sunday. My Grandma has been at the hospital all week, never leaving his side. On Monday night, I had a dream that he was walking out one door and through another, passing me in a corridor. He's been in a coma all week and when the doctors reviewed his CAT scan today they discovered that he had another stroke at some point and that there was no chance he would wake up again. The news was obviously devastating, I'm having a hard time thinking about what my aunts, uncle, mom, great aunt and grandma are going through right now, especially my grandma.
Thinking about how much he loved coconut and making sure everyone had enough to eat. Remembering how hard it was for him when my grandma had cancer and how much he hated going anywhere without her. Thinking about how lucky we were to have him in our lives and that I wished I had paid attention more than I did. Thinking about how sad it is that you can't change things... you can only move ahead.
Something about the fall is impossibly difficult.
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