Thursday, November 20, 2008

this is the room where I burn and beat things

So here is where I am every Tuesday... My favorite room is the hammer and mandrel room you see on the left. I love that you have to close the doors to work in here and then you can sit on a tree stump while you beat things on a wrist shaped mandrel.

I'm having some issues with my fourth project. It's going through a very bad ugly phase. I'm not happy with it and am worried that it's going to be very yucky looking. So far all of my projects have had a period where they didn't look like much, but I could see something through the metal dust. With this ring, I see nothing but trouble. It's friggin' huge. The inside is my middle finger size six, the outside part of the hollow form is a whopping size ELEVEN. Who wears a size eleven? Not a five foot four person... unless they have edema. And I'm sorry if you do.

So I've been thinking that the only way to save it is too just make it bigger. Just make it completely outrageous. So after taking my vitamins tonight I either had my latest stroke of crazy or genius: make it a birthday cake ring with layers on top. How can I help myself. Our instructor did say we would never wash our hands with this ring on, it's going to be big. Mine might weigh two pounds at this rate. Urgh. I like pretty things. Not clunky chunks of metal.

All I want for Christmas

I have fallen in love with these boots. Some way or another Mira actually found them. She was working on our computer upstairs while I had the piperlime site up and clicked her way to these babies. I've been looking for a riding boot for about 10-14 years. These are freaking amazing. I'm a size 8. If you love me, please send them.

Matt Berson: Rivington Boot

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wire

Twisted Brass Wire Bracelet, third jewelry project

little prints

Here are the sheets I personalized for Miss Mira's big girl bed.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

case of crazy

And this would be the row of Mira's pretty little silhouette that would wrap the edge of her pillowcase.
After too much time spent looking for duvet fabrics at G Street and JoAnn's I went online following the recommendation of Lotta Jansdotter's book and found some things that I like at contemporary cloth.

Not really sure if what I've designed on the left is too crazy so I'm thinking about it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Laura Tremain, silversmyth

Over the weekend Eric and I were having a conversation during which I mentioned that I was eager to take more jewelry and metal classes because I think it might be the next direction that I go. In a somewhat shocking move Eric indicated that he had reservations about my safety while investigating such endeavors. I was outraged. And then I remembered Johnny Tremain from sixth grade! Poor young Johnny had an incident that I can't recall entirely but I think he silver-plated his hand and ruined his career before it began. I asked Eric what he imagined me doing when I am at the jewelry center. Could it be better or worse than what I actually do? I'm sure our lab tech is scared of all of us first years wielding our strikers against the torch, heating our tiny metal objects with all the clumsiness of blind animals.

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to a vineyard in Middleburg, VA. While we drove down a narrow road through the changing leaves we passed several homesteads encapsulated by deteriorating stone walls. I had a momentary flash of brilliance. When we are rich we shall own such a homestead and raise our children to churn butter and I will be a metalsmyth (yes, with a y my sign shall read).

Then tonight, I was looking at my goodreads link on the blog and thinking I should update it because the titles showing up first are some that I read in high school... I logged in to my account and had some new friend requests from people I haven't met. I scrolled down one, and lo and behold I saw one had read Johnny Tremain.

material confessional

Even with the economy gossip and last bits of real estate income drying up in my checking account I can't stop shopping. Ikea, trader joes, anthro, marshalls (Betsey hot pink tights anyone?), internet or wherever. I just can't keep myself contained. Mira needs a big girl bed... so sheets, duvets, comforters, pillows, mattresses, bed frames (purchased the featured low bed from west elm currently on back order)... and on and on we go. In this case, I am thinking about making the duvet and customizing the organic sheets I got from target with her silhouette up at the top and on the edge of the pillowcase. I really want to make it unique. I don't want to hit the target and buy something generically hip (even though this one is quite charming). I want to make something lovely that will be sweet for her to look back on when she's heading off to college... much like the way I remember my jungle spread and rainbow sheets. Now if I did buy something... it would be the Dwell Cowgirl set featured in the center photo above. The only thing is that the duvet appears to be the same forwards/backwards... and even though it has been discontinued is still a small fortune. (HAPPY LITTE UPDATE: I scored the sheets and duvet set for $125 by making an offer on Ebay! We negotiated down from $169).

Oh, and on a make-it-yourself note here is an adorable craft project for that cute little primary colored tote above from readymade.

And finally, I'm in the market for some leather to make belts or old belts that allow you to change the buckle. I'll be expanding my creations for Christmas to include belts for boys.
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