Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inaugural To Do's and Up Do

On Monday we had the good fortune to receive a last minute invite to one of the inaugural balls! Fortunately we were able to get a babysitter and had enough time to run out for shoes and outfits. Certainly nothing in the archives would be good enough for this type of event!

So off we went to the Tyson's Galleria. While E spotted Usher circling the dress shop, I tried on about 14 dresses before settling on a little black tank dress. Mira had a breakdown, E bought a very swanky tux that Hugo Boss was able to hem inside of 30 minutes.

Next day: The Today Show offers advice about the inaugural balls. Wear flats (oops! I just bought 4 inch heels), prepare to lose your coat to the coat check, food is no good, and the VP and Pres will come in, say a few words do a little dance and then get the heck out of there because they have 10+ balls to get to!

I make an appointment for an updo. Eric gets his eyebrows waxed. We look for the sally hansen spray legs stuff (which I think is like spray on pantyhose but am not really sure but I have determined that I have to have it since my shoes are open toe and I can't wear anything on my legs!). I tell Eric that I think it will make me feel warmer, but actually don't think it will be any more effective than lip gloss is at keeping your face warm. Worth a shot regardless!

Now our event was not the swanky Neighborhood Ball (which had Beyonce and a very hairy Sting). The most activity ours seemed to have was when the military band began rearranging their seats. People swarmed to the stage, all of us standing like biped lemmings waiting for the guests of honor! Two musical numbers later the flag carriers come in and out pop the Biden's. The ladies behind me are saying how lovely the missus looks (and she does!). Quick little speech and a dance as embarrassing as my wedding dance ensues. When the media jokes about it being 50 seconds they aren't lying. Biden is as good at dancing as I am!

A few minutes later I kick off my shoes. We all do. We know there will be some time before the Obamas come in. And longer still before Maroon 5. I think it was almost 11! Finally the sky opens up and Obama appears with his lovely sparkly wifey and he gives us a little pep talk, shoots us all a knowing look, dances to At Last and off they go! Many go home. The rest of us cozy up to the stage and we stand about two deep to see Maroon 5. And I have to say, that singer is so freaking cute - and in the same way as my Husband. Which makes me realize how lucky I am to get to go home with such a stunning man!

Even though it took me a long time to come around to Obama (because of my sworn loyalty to the Clinton brood), I have been swept up in this sea of Patriotism he has rolled out for us all to wade through. I just love the subtle ways he has changed the tone of America. I swear I'm not the only one who has a tear come to her eye when thinking about the way our country is shifting, about the grace that is coming back to the white house. Finally, someone to be proud of.

Friday, January 2, 2009

resolute 2009

1. take more jewelry classes
2. have another bebe
3. exercise more regularly
4. cook at home frequently
5. read consistently
6. refine vocabulary
7. be nice
8. Run a 5k (at 6mph)

ideals beyond 2009
english countryside
metal apprenticeship
london and paris with mira
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