Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prelude to Preschool

I find it completely impossible to exercise. I have been on a mission to prepare for two upcoming (beginner) races, a 5k and a 6k in April. And I've been consistently putting in 3 miles at a time for a couple of months. But what you don't know is that like vacuuming, getting on the treadmill can take well over an hour if Mira is anywhere near me. For example, just now I put on Dalmatians (puppies) for her to watch - she wants me to sit with her, every time I inch toward the treadmill behind her she says, "Mommy sit." Then she wants some juice, a snack which gets chewed up and spat out, same for the second snack. We come downstairs to try again, she helps me pull out the laundry from the machine, asks for Nemo. I put in Nemo for five minutes, get on the treadmill for 0:22 seconds. Then she wants Cars. I manage to stay on for 13 minutes or so and spend the next three asking her not to get on with me. Eventually I pick her up and get in a total of 17 minutes of mild exercise within the 90 minutes I've been down here.

It is becoming very apparent to me that it is much easier to stay-at-home mother a baby than it is a toddler. I can't wait for preschool.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I suppose I should be happy for 50 degree days after such a cold and windy winter. I'm not. I've had a really hard time with the weather this year and Maryland is pretty mild as far as cold climates go. I'm planning to become a snowbird, just as soon as I can. It's simply no fun to get bundled up all of the time and never feeling warm enough in the house. It makes me so lazy! And lazy I have been. 

Since January I have started several sewing projects. I have a quilt going for my cousin's new baby coming in June, finished some small coasters and napkin/placemat sets to get used to the new sewing machine (mine was only sewing backwards), made a small stuffed kitty for Mira, and have begun a little "brunch jacket" for Mira with a little hippo print. All so much fun if only I had hours to sit at the machine. Makes you wonder how Anna Maria Horner does all that sewing with 4 or 5 kids in the roost.
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