Sunday, August 30, 2009

one kimono two...

Since Friday night I have completed two kimono projects for baby G. I've got a massive to do list to complete in just 8 weeks, and a suspicion that G could arrive earlier than expected. I'm waiting on two Olympus fabric bolts, one of greenish yellow polka dots and the other peachy pink with white and black vines. So sweet. Should arrive this week from Japan!
Here is my to do list:
Baby G
  • Quilt (pieced... ready to baste, mark, quilt & bind)
  • Kimono's:
  • a) frog prince print/weekend sewing (done! and modified with a french seam) with bloomers
  • b) unicorns & snails/amy butler little stitches (done!)
  • c) olympus kimono's (oliver + S pattern) 1 done!
  • d) my own pattern
  • Coordinating Oliver + S Tea Party Dresses
  • a) sizes 0-3 & 2t
  • b) sizes 6-12 & 3T
  • Burp Cloths done!
Along with my hope to get an etsy shop up and running in a week or two including the following inventory:
  • "Shelley" zipper pouches 3 down!
  • "Karen's Sunshine Cafe Aprons" 2 down, 3 prepped.
  • Kid totes 1 done, 1 prepped
  • Simple Quilts (1 down, 4 to go!)
  • 75 Burp Cloths
Better get to work! I think I'm jumping in with the Oliver + S Tea Party dresses, rated only one scissor out of four these should be a cinch.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Finally finished!
Started this quilt in May and finished the binding at the beach last week. I used the Denyse Schmidt "A Day at the Beach" pattern for the front and improvised a hot pink stripe on the back.

Fully intending this to be used all summer long with our CSA goodies... it really hasn't been that kind of summer. Planning to surprise E with a picnic later this week.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

canary in the closet

Mira's new room is slowly coming together and my old friends orange & rouge will be making an encore appearance with their new friend, canary in the closet. Rather than paint the gigantic stripes as I did in her current closet I have decided to use these little x's as accents within the open spaces of her new space. I was able to draft these in photoshop and simply have to trace and cut them into my stencil paper and get these little guys painted in sporadic order. Eric assembled the Elfa closet parts this morning and hopefully next week the new sliding doors will arrive. 

I found a retailer for the Gypsy Chandelier in Clear and we ordered that this morning. We may have chickened out on the multi-colored version because we don't have enough other bright primaries to support that kind of color party. I think it would be adorable, but there is no doubt that the clear version will bring some witty sophistication to the space.

My overall inspiration for the room is coming from the Lizzy Allen wallpaper mentioned in my post Orange & Rouge. I am addicted to this combination.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Henry Road Lampshades

This is also a lovely idea. Henry Road has this image on their website and offers custom designed lampshades or pendants. I'm tempted! They are very anthropologie!


Originally uploaded by llculverwell

Moving Mira to our guest room means we will need to replace the ugly white ceiling fan that's been hanging around. I've been looking high and low for chandelier options. While I love the multi-colored one from Urbs, it is now on backorder through September. Too late! I found a black version for $63, and that may do. I think I'd prefer white.. still searching.

If we go the handmade route, I think I'd like to do something like this... from the Varvatos store in Soho. Gotta find out where to get some globes like this though.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gladiator Button Shoes

Coach had the nerve to send me an email about these gladiator heels this morning. 3.5 inches of heel. Too much, I'm afraid for me these days. I just don't have the energy... but if I did, I can assure you these would be at the top of my "want it" list.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Stitches

I've learned two new tricks since last week:
The French Seam (sewing with a french twist has a nice four step explanation; burda has one too but the photos made it seem a little confusing... I recommend referencing both - the burda takes it to a felled seam - which is sweet!)
and get this... Hand Quilting. Somehow I convinced my sister, Kristin to take an evening hand quilting class with me at the only quilting shop we have near Baltimore. I have affectionately dubbed it the Old Lady Store. It's mostly traditional and the staff is very friendly. They carry 12 or so Amy Butler prints and approximately four Heather Ross prints; these are the same bolts they've had since I first visited the shop last December. This store is all about excitement!

So the quilting is a challenge with super tiny needle. My index finger hurts and I realized that I need a better thimble. Our instructor modeled a Clover made brass open backed model that looked lovely. Kristin seemed to do just fine! She's preparing to sew her first quilt for her best friend's new baby. Knowing how to do the hand-stitching will certainly come in handy for cute little details. I've been intrigued with the hand-quilting process since coming across the "Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts" Book. The process is so time-consuming though, it's hard to imagine hand quilting an entire project.

A is for Apple... B is for Blog... C is for...

Apple's new bookmark Top Sites feature makes it easy to catch up on my favorite blogs. I had really gotten behind with my time wasting "research." I have so many bookmarks poorly organized and stashed in folders called "sewing," "misc" and "untitled" that it is impossible to keep up with prolific posters. Now I can store my favorites within a quick, visual framework that even *stars* new postings. It's just too easy!

"My want it, my need it."

The quote can be attributed to my youngest sister Chelsea during her toddler years. But here are my want it/need its:

Subscription to Selvedge (it's not cheap!)
Alabama Chanin: Alabama Stitch Book
Gocco Printer
overlock foot with cutter for the babylock
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