Thursday, February 25, 2010


I certainly don't have much free time, but I have enough that I have started plotting my next series of projects. I have to go pick up the babylock from the doctor's office and then all heck is gonna break loose on that thing. Assuming it can handle it. 

Here are my plans...
1. Birthday quilt for my dad, simple and inspired by one that I saw on the katie did blog. God how I love orange. I may just appropriate the whole orange trim thing, though I bought some tiny prints for back up.

2. Duvet for us. Something cheery like the "film in the fridge" lady does. Gonna go bento boxy on some old heather bailey fabrics.

3. Quilt that I see equally at home on our bed atop a white duvet cover (thinking new sheets appropriate for fourth anniversary gift), or down here on the couch, where I am now. I'm using the momo wonderland tomato prints.
4. Curtains for us. Thinking about white tops with a chevron bottom, either black & white or yellow & white. Problem is, not sure which will go well with either of the quilts I have planned. I have to say, I'm leaning toward yellow. In a pinch, I could find an espresso/ivory stripe.
5. Lastly, I have to find out if I can get this Amy Butler Tangerine Polka Dot fabric anywhere. I've long wanted to make some bold curtains for Mira's new room. I think they would really liven the joint up.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I hate LOL

On facebook, my most hated sight is LOL. Even worse is when someone writes, "lol! {something attempting to be witty} LOL." They type an LOL for their own lol. Geez, I get it; but stop. I prefer a good ha! Because ha is a sound you can actually make. Do you really need to tell everyone you laughed out loud, twice? Maybe you should just say, "holy toledo! that was so funny I spat out my milk!" Because that happens to me all the time.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

my favorite things

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Bowerbirds radio on Pandora
my ever-growing reading list
the "request title" library portal feature
ideas scribbled on shopping lists (destined to be forgotten, but planted nonetheless)
the looming doom of training for a race in june
mira's imaginary friend
two sleeping children
snuggling with people that I made, and the person I made them with
a new perfume of blackberry and vanilla
40 degree weather
chirping birds whom are not penguins
melting snow
cookie dough
inspiration found down under
new projects
and the possibility of completion

Valentine Take Down

Garlands made from thread and paper... Valentine, oh valentine you gave us lots to do.

habu knit

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Several months ago, before I had any interest in knitting, I came across an unusual stainless steel yarn and thought well, maybe. I kept coming across a particular pattern for a scarf and last week I began the ambitious project. Sixty inches of ambitiousness! The foundation utilizes two yarns before eventually dropping down to the black stainless. I've already made a mistake, purled where I should have knit; took in a stitch five times I shouldn't have. But now it's mine. My own pattern of mistakes. And if I can finish it, this may become my sister's happy birthday present. But that's at least 57 inches from here.

Friday, February 19, 2010

oh genevieve

She looks up at me with these adorable eyes, smiles. She seems happier than the rest of us, just naturally. Just because. Almost four months old. The framework of her personality is coming up. Easy-going, doesn't like her view obstructed, ready to get out of the baby chair, full of aforementioned smiles, blue-eyed, snuggly, gassy, quick to laugh, loves to be held, amused by her sister, hearty eater, quick to spit up, late to rise... our little baby genevieve.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Charm Stitch contributors... call for inspiration

Here is your sneak peek of the new site!

Of course, Charm Stitch will have its very own blog. I have big plans for featured artists, projects, tutorials and studio tours. I've been spending every free minute I have looking at blogs and sites for contributors. What are your favorites? Or perhaps you do something wonderful... contact me by email or comment and tell me about yourself.

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