Monday, May 24, 2010

Fixing my sights on a straight skirt

I need a pattern for a straight skirt. I anticipate my linen/cotton Nani IRO hoard will arrive soon from Japan. And now back to my needs... the skirt, a pattern. I have plenty o'fabric and lots of books. If anyone is reading, have you used the pencil skirt from S.E.W. everything or the Built by Wendy Sew U book? I'd be happy to try an Amy Butler pattern. I digress, I want something cheerful and delicate. I think the new Fuccra prints look close enough to this JCrew skirt. Which I believe is sold out.
Also going on... a pair of shorts utilizing a built by wendy pattern. I've sewn the zipper in and made my way through one column of directions. It took me four tries because I feel that I synthesize directions quickly when I clearly don't (hence multiple appearances of the seam ripper, or maybe the multiple appearances of screaming over-tired baby).
I intended to whip it together tonight; you know before my productivity was derailed putting children to bed for two hours. Then I got stuck under a baby, began reading inspiring posts at Made by Rae and the Selfish Seamstress. But if I have to be stuck let it be here, with this adorable, healthy and sweet sleeping baby and an endless amount of inspired bloggers.
Also held hostage and crammed full of inspiration is the built by wendy dresses book, I'm not allowed to renew it from the library anymore and dread returning it next week. I need a copy! Accepting donations and suggestions. (sound of crickets chirping, hello?)
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