Sunday, September 26, 2010

no pictures

Oh I dropped the ball with the last bit of the KCWC thing. I put in my hours, on average. However, since Thursday not a stitch has been placed. Though I did knit a little bit today.

On the other hand, I cleaned up quite a bit and now have a box full of clothes and heels that I no longer wear and wonder if I should list it in the etsy shop or start a new shop. I've got quite a lot.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

KCWC: days 3 -4

jump rope dress, view b: size 3
So while yesterday I stated that I did not prefer the jump rope dress's view A, today I will declare that I LOVE view B. Maybe my second favorite pattern of the summer, next to the ice cream dress top (view C).
quilting cottons and a cotton poplin (the skier)
Here's how I spent my "hour" on Day 3: shopping. Big surprise, right? With all this sewing I had to buy something. Just had to. I have been determined to use some of the liberty cotton that I finally splurged on a couple of weeks ago and I thought it would look lovely trimming this dress in corduroy. So I bought the finest, softest cord I could find and went to work. Last night I pre-cut the fabric and prepped the placket area. I also plotted something crazy and decided I *had* to make a capelet for Mira. Maybe one for baby G too. So whilst I was whistling away at the fabric shop I found some sale wool, precut to 1.75 yards and on sale for cheap considering that the wool is about 1.5cm thick. Really darn thick. Just wondering how I go about attaching these pieces to one another. Quilting/Walking foot? The fabric is navy, the pattern is from a japanese pattern book and the inspiration is the cadet cape from Lauren Moffatt. Red trim, brass buttons. I can hardly wait for tonight!
the capelet
And today, Day 4: I finished the dress you see up top. An adjustment was made to the collar, subtracting an inch from the width and omitting the interfacing. If I'm lucky I'll have time to start the capelet. I may have to call it quits after that because enough is enough. And I do have to study for an exam next week.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

KCWC: Fall 2010, days 1-2

The elsie marley blog has challenged us to sew kids clothes for one week, one hour per day. Its a fabulous idea and really inspires a creative-based competitive edge in me (you know you have one too!). 
I took the first night to finish making the Jump Rope Dress, view A which I began during the Jump Rope Sew-Along on flickr. Mira selected this fabric herself. I remember asking, "really?" She said, "yes, really." Okay then, Amy Butler's water bouquet it is.  While this pattern is every bit the quality education you have come to expect from Oliver + S, view A is not my favorite. It combines several pieces of torture for me: belt loops, button holes, sash turnarounds, pocket tack downs and hand sewn buttons. Sometimes a girl just wants to be done and something about sewing button holes at the end makes me want to run for the hills. But I got past it, and she's wearing it today. The lady at preschool who helped her out of the car at drop off even complimented her on her dress, the colors, the style, oh my! So it was well worth the effort for that. My comment on the pattern is that I prefer view B, button holes and all. Just sayin'.
Also on day 1, I drafted up my own version of elastic pants and made quick use of some corduroy that I've had hanging about for.ever. It had been pre-washed. One of the few things that are in this household. I rooted through the scrap stash and found some Nani Iro that I knew would make a nice trim. I cut the scraps about 2.5 inches wide ironed them to mimic a double fold bias trim and then enclosed the bottom edge of each pants panel before sewing everything together with a French seam. So far so good, but she's too little to wear them publicly. It cracks me up how they stand up on their own. 

Day 2. I have long wanted to do something with the repeat studio fat quarters that I have privately hoarded and not listed on the etsy shop. I intended to do this shirt at the weekend sewing in vt workshop. This is the easiest shirt in the world to make (well, maybe not the easiest, but easily the most stylish easy shirt). I can confidently tell you it takes about an hour to put together. This is the 12-18 month size and it just about used up a whole fat quarter and a tiny bit of black cotton lawn that must have polyester in it because it smells funny when ironed. Careful cutting was involved so the print ran the proper direction and I had to remove a little bit from the middle of the main panel fabrics to make it work but it does. And I love it. A minor mistake in putting together the pattern this time required me to hand sew the bodice/yoke area together. And I may prefer it that way. I was able to make sure all the layers perfectly cover the stitching area and it was nice to step away from the sewing machine for the finishing details. Just something to consider.

Last night I spent some time drafting a shirt pattern and making a muslin for a double gauze shirt I'd like to create to go with the cord pants (above). I forgot to try it on Gigi this morning so no photos right now. I transferred a few Japanese patterns and worked on a knit shirt. I should have gone to bed. It looks like it has potential but no one is going to wear that thing. No one. Ever.

So if you're wondering how I have time for this here's how: I'm too excited to go to bed when I'm tired and I stopped cleaning the house.

Hearts and happiness! All of this sewing is making me feel joyful.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

She started something

The first baby started preschool. The shirt was part of a back-to-school shopping trip I made for her, it worked out. She loved the clothes and looks so darn cute in them.

Here she is with her sister, right before our departure. And yes, I do cart my baby around sans shoes.
This is at the end of the school day. This school feels like home. Every time I think about her being there I get a little choked up. 
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