Sunday, October 24, 2010

halloween musings

I know I'm due a birthday party wrap up. It's coming. This one is about Halloween, and my lack of preparation.

We've always managed a pumpkin for halloween. Maybe not carved, but certainly one rotting on the front porch. On one occasion I was determined to make pumpkin soup served in hollowed out smallish pumpkins, a simple desire that became insanely difficult and caused at least two people to think I was completely bonkers. I attribute this perfectionism to my Grandma E, who is known to serve tropical chicken salad in hollowed out baby pineapples. That kind of detail is nothing short of inspirational and she did that before the rest of us even heard of Martha.

So as usual, we've had our pumpkins at least two weeks. They're sitting in the dining room waiting for the massacre. I've had the costume ideas worked out for weeks until several days ago when I began rethinking the whole shebang.

It was to be:
Husband : Beekeeper
Wife: Beehive (I have a marie antoinette wig that is perfect for housing this)
Kid B: Baby Bee
Kid A: Rapunzel or Jessie/Cowgirl

It is too hard to find bees. I don't want to make them.

I'm pretty sure Kid A is sticking with the cowgirl and I feel confident that we will not have to bow to Disney and buy Jessie for $40. I found a stick horse/hobby horse idea or two and will be working that up, see here and here, I'm good with those two but she likes this. She has a plaid subtly western shirt that is beyond adorable and corduroys. I think with a hat we've got gold. But where will I find that now that I have procrastinated all this time?

I've decided to be a bandit. My sister gave genevieve an adorable kerchief bib that once put on made me have to have one for myself. I'm thinking I'll be a french bandit. Because I have a blue and white boat neck shirt that I wear most days and it will be jailbird-y enough. Some boots would be good but that's a decision that takes more time than I have. I thought the baby would be a cute bandit. But I've been ogling this owl costume on Flickr since I favorited it months ago. How cute is that? Too cute. Worth making a doll of it. Worth adapting it for Kid B. She will be an owl.

E has his own ideas. Involving arms. Which reminds me of my idea a few years ago to have one freaky little doll hand arm like the SNL/Anne Hathaway "sisters" skit recalling one of those shows I never had to watch, singing talent trash from the 40's. E's grandmother used to enjoy watching that stuff so he was familiar. I have no context.

And that's it. How I will finish any of this before the Halloween parade on Friday will be the interesting part.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

rainbows ahead

Genevieve is turning one next week! We're planning a teeny tiny party to celebrate and everything is coming up rainbows.
the invitation, minus the important details.

Here are the points of inspiration:
a website logo that gave me the idea
living room art at lonny (it's the watermelon colored room with Miro-esque art)
some polka dot cookies with candy decorations
rainbow sprinkles on top of at least five things in this magazine. Thanks, Annette!
rainbow cake demonstrated on martha (which sadly I will never make, one of us has a blue food phobia).
crazy lollypops, you remember*
these streamers in rainbow
this adorable thing if I had time and magnificent spare ribbons in that quantity
cute party hats with lots of patterned paper
some kind of childish snack food
and ice cream. one, two and three (TBD by my love)

*picture it, 1981. Back from Cape Coral after visiting our grandmother and grandfather my cousin and I were greeted by two enormous rainbow spiral lollipops. Too unforgettable and large for my parents to retract I hid behind my dresser for months (days, weeks?) until it was gone. The result, three cavities. Permanent molars. Still there though the original mercury has been replaced with the materials of tomorrow.
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