Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolute 2011

I didn't make any. I admire a couple of posts I've read from ladies reflecting on the past year. I admire that they can REMEMBER it! I used to remember things but not any more. Suddenly I have the parental disorder where every aquaintance's name is Skip or Charlie. It's a real disorder. Look it up on wikipedia, skipophrenia. Did I make you look, no? Okay it's not real.

So this year I'll let you know the things I've been working on and I won't make any actual resolutions. Let's call it a modest wish list.
  • Learn how to use my NEW SERGER (thanks, Husband!)
  • Run a half marathon (done, June 2011!) with high school friend Heather who comes all the way from Philly (she ran it last year when my aunt Val and cousin Jen ran the 10k with me). It was quite hot so let us pray for milder temperatures or else I'm going to have to wear the drink belt like she did. It's not quite as stylish as you might think. But I don't think style has much to do with running, the style is in the doing part.
  • Cook at home more frequently (off to a good start and working through the new sneaky chef cookbook: chocolate egg creams, sneaky bonbons, mac muffins)
  • Get the word out on CHARM STITCH. Go there! Buy something! Oh, and my husband's baby, RackTop, it's for the technology inclined people. If you read slashdot or anything like that you'll probably know what I mean. So I have to get through a stack of library books about internet marketing. Lots to do!
  • I'm going to put be in the moment here again. It is so hard! What a gift you have if you have no idea what I'm talking about.
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