Thursday, February 17, 2011


About two weeks ago I found myself at the beginning of a reading frenzy. I started here, with this Swedish book that my father gave me for Christmas. This was a great crime book set in remote areas of Swedish forests. Of course I googled the village names and found myself further in to my need to get to vacation in a remote area of Sweden (and while that sounds like a lovely idea everything I've read indicates that locals are not exactly fond of tourists). While I'm not particularly outdoorsy there's something alluring about the forests, lakes, light, islands, green summers and snow.

I brought the book to my Aunt's house, on the day that our house lost power for nearly 24 hours. And while that sounds mild, it seemed like the end of the world which always gets me thinking about the end of the world. I suspect that if the power systems shut down in winter our houses would fall apart in only a couple of months because our house seemed downright abandoned after 16 hours without electricity.

Perhaps you're curious about what I thought was important as I packed for the end of the world (or what the power company estimated as 3-4 days without power)... I packed clothes for each of us, our dog (forgot her food), everything edible from our refrigerator, two books, my laptop, some knitting, enough toys for a birthday party and six or seven guests, an entire bag full of fabric and patterns to trace because I was going to have SO MUCH TIME. Oh yeah, and my work stuff too. Here's what I did during the 8 hours at my aunt's:
took a shower, fed the kids lunch, read a little, and watched Ponyo with the kids. Have you seen that on Netflix/on demand? It's weird but the kids love it and it is narrated by an all star cast.

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